Bell Fibe in Kanata North

April 6, 2023


There will once again be plenty of Bell Fibre To Home (Bell Fibe) work happening in Kanata North. The Project involves upgrading the company’s copper infrastructure with high-speed fibre optics. This work predominantly takes place in the Right of Way in front of residents’ properties.

Residents will receive a notice 30 days prior to the start of the project through mail or a door knocker. Around this time, you will see locates being placed on your Right of Way identifying the position of existing utility lines in preparation of the work. Residents will also receive a notice 10 days prior to the start of the work through mail or a door knocker. The following information will be included in these send outs.

Notice of upcoming work in your neighbourhood

Timeline of project: Construction typically takes approximately 8 weeks, all within the City of Ottawa’s right of way.

Phase 1. Prior to construction


  • Residents are receiving this notice letter via Canada Post or as a doorknocker form left with all pertinent information related to the Bell Canada Fibre to the Home project.
  • A subsequent notice will be delivered 10 days prior to the start of the project.
  • Signage will be posted within your subdivision, with an information telephone number.

Locates: The locate company will be out prior to the start of the project to mark the location of the existing utilities including gas, Rogers, Bell, hydro. Please do not remove the flags. Provincial Law mandates the locate flags to remain in the ground until construction has completed.

If you have a sprinkler system or other features, or are planning landscaping or driveway work, please contact the contractor partner at the telephone number or email provided on the notice you receive with your notifications. If relevant, we ask the resident to please reach out to the Bell’s contractor partner to discuss the location prior to construction.

Phase 2. Construction

Construction methods

There are 3 specific methods of construction used for the Fibre to the Home project.

Directional drilling: Conduit is placed underground using drilling machinery.

Micro trenching

  • Used to install buried fibre wire.
  • A small part of the driveway on city ROW, typically near the curb will be removed to place the new fibre.
  • The section of the driveway that is removed, will be replaced with hot asphalt as per city of Ottawa specifications.
  • Interlock will be removed and replaced with all proper material.
  • A ground level box which measures 11”X11” will be placed on city property to house the wires for future use when applicable.

Hydro excavation

  • Hydro vacuuming is used to create test holes.
  • Test holes are used to validate both the location and the depth of all utilities within the City’s right of way.

Phase 3. Restoration

  • Hard surface and soft surface restoration is done in phases during project.
  • Final restoration takes place once all construction has been completed.
  • The City will conduct an inspection of all restoration within the subdivision on the ROW (right of way) where the work has taken place.

On these notices there will be contact information if you have any questions or concerns for the contractor.

You are also able to reach out to Bell by emailing You can also reach out to the Kanata North Office by contacting or phoning 613-580-2474.

So far, these are the streets we are expecting to see work this spring and summer:

  • BEL2221232- Stonecroft Terrace/Campeau.
  • BEL2221023- Keyrock/Fletcher Circle/Torbec/Akenhead Cr/Brunskill Way/Kilmar Cr.
  • BEL2221022- Goldridge Dr, Afton, Insmill, Cheltonia, Norgold, Cambior.
  • BEL2220955- Goldridge Dr, Blackdome, Kalbrook, Kanata Ave, Sherring, Longboat, Hodgson.
  • BEL 220996- Kanata Ave, Stikine, Nortoba, Maricona, Tanmount, Goldridge, Keno.
  • BEL2221040- Marconi, Applecross, Strathcarron, Klondike, Burwash Landing Bay.
  • BEL2221199- Bishops Mill Way, Cambray Ln, Kettleby, Edenvale, Gray, Dunn, Drysdale, Campeau, Bellrock.
  • BEL2221015- Coulson Crt, Evanshen Dr, Robson Crt.
  • BEL2220825- Panisset Av, Laughlin Cir, Ottenbrite Cr, Keyrock Dr, Katnick Way, Tischart Cr, Nettleship Crt, Miro Way, Doyon Av, Mancuso Crt.
  • BEL2221150- Leacock Dr, Pentland Cr, Tiffany Cr, Tiffany Pl, The Parkway, Beaverbrook Rd, Pentland Pl.
  • BELL2221142- Penfield, Rutherford Cr, Rutherford Way, Selwyn Way. Selwyn Place, Banting Way, Banting Cre.
  • Varley Dr (Lismer to Milne), Weeping Willow Ln, Milne Pl, Milne Cr, Lismer Crt, Alfred Casson W, Gagnon Ct, Colville Ct, Holgate Ct, Binning Ct.
  • Sandhill Road and Shirley’s Brook Dr.