The Kanata Lakes community was built around the Kanata Golf and Country Club. The vision for our community included preserving 40 percent green space. This was solidified by the signing of the 40 percent agreement in 1981. This document survives today and has been the instrumental in the shaping of our community.

Copies of the 1981 Forty Percent Agreement and the 1988 Amendment are available here for download:

In December of 2018, ClubLink announced their intentions to develop the Kanata Golf and Country Club lands. Many in our community live along the 18 holes and have enjoyed this greenspace for many years. Legal actions have been ongoing since and updates are provided as they become available. Please visit the Blog for details.

For latest updates from the Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition, please visit their website here.

Please visit the Development page for details.

The Kanata North Mosquito Program is unique to Kanata North. Updates are provided as they become available.

Please call Ottawa by-law at 3-1-1 to report a possible violation related to these subject matters:

  • Business licensing
  • Discharge of firearms
  • Fence height
  • Noise
  • Park
  • Pool enclosures
  • Portable and temporary signs
  • Smoking – Public Place
  • Smoking – Workplace
  • Taxis
  • Weeds
  • Parking

Please visit the City of Ottawa website for details.

To report an issue with lawn maintenance, please call 3-1-1 or create a service request online on the City of Ottawa website under “Park Maintenance”. Once the request is made, it will be sent directly to the department and you will be provided with a tracking number for follow up.

The Kanata Food Cupboard is a non-profit charitable organization providing food assistance to Kanata individuals and families in need. Please visit their website for details.

To renew or apply for an open air fire permit (burn permit) or for general information, please visit the City of Ottawa website.

Get all your questions answered regarding building and renovating by visiting the City of Ottawa website here.

Details on the City’s standing committees, commissions, sub-committees and other are available here.

We are fortunate to have active Community Associations working on initiatives ranging from hydro corridor revitalization, to cleaning the capital events, community wide garage sales, and providing input on proposed development applications. For details and to get involved, visit our Neighbourhoods page.

A detailed ward map is available on the City of Ottawa website here.

From recreation and cultural facilities to courses, camps and swim schedules, all details can be found here.

Absolutely! Engage Ottawa introduces new and innovative online tools to improve how the City engages with you. These online tools give you the opportunity to weigh in on the projects and initiatives that you care about, at your convenience. Visit the City of Ottawa website for details.

Details can be found on the City of Ottawa website here.

For information on Kanata North specific developments, please visit our Development page or contact our team.

The intention of the residential Vacant Unit Tax is to encourage homeowners to maintain, occupy or rent their properties, thereby increasing the housing supply. This is one of the tools the City of Ottawa is using to address the affordable housing crisis in the City of Ottawa and revenue from this tax will be used to support affordable housing initiatives. Details are available here.

Stay up to date on road construction, closures, incidents, and special events here.

The City is responsible for Wild Parsnip, Poison Ivy and Giant Hogweed on municipal property. Private property owners are responsible for removing these plants from their property. For details and to report wild parsnip, poison ivy, or giant hogweed, visit the City of Ottawa website here.

Coyotes are usually wary and fearful of humans. But should you encounter a coyote, follow these important instructions:

  • Remain calm and slowly back away from the coyote
  • Do not turn your back and run
  • Stand tall, wave your hands, and make plenty of loud noises

For details and to report a coyote sighting in your neighbourhood, visit the City of Ottawa website.

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