City Policies

The Official Plan

The Official Plan was first approved by Council on November 24, 2021. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing approved with amendments the City’s OP on November 4, 2022. The Ministry later reversed course on its amendments, re-enforcing the City original Plan. Municipal Plans across Ontario are subject to recent provincial legislation. Find the latest copy here.

Development Applications: How to develop or redevelop a property?

Detailed information on Development Applications within the City of Ottawa can be found here.

Solid Waste Master Plan

Council approved a draft plan in December 2023 and is expected to receive a complete plan in 2024, following the Department’s engagement and consultation sessions. Latest information is available here.

Greenspace Master Plan

For latest updates and resources, please visit the City of Ottawa website.

Parks and Recreation Master Plan

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan was approved by Council on October 13, 2021. Details are available here.

Transportation Master Plan

TMP Part 1 was approved by Council on April 26, 2023 with Part 2 coming to Committee and Council in 2024. Details are available here.

Ottawa Pedestrian Plan

The OPP 2013 has been developed to recognize the crucial role that walking plays in creating an attractive, accessible, liveable, safe and healthy city. It provides
detailed direction on how, within an affordability framework, the City can become more pedestrian-friendly through proposed enhancements to the pedestrian network, planning and design, safety and promotion, and maintenance and rehabilitation. Details are available here.

Urban Forest Management Plan

Please visit the City of Ottawa website for latest information.

Ottawa Cycling Plan

Please visit the City of Ottawa website for latest information.

Infrastructure Master Plan

The purpose of the City of Ottawa’s Infrastructure Master Plan (IMP) is to support the overall city-wide Official Plan (OP) goals of creating more vibrant, healthy and complete neighbourhoods across the municipality while ensuring long-term affordability for both the City government and residents. Details are available here.


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