Development Application at 1131/1151 Teron Road

April 1, 2022


File lead: Sarah Ezzio

Owner: Manor Park Management

Applicant: Fotenn, Nico Church

Stage/History: Zoning Amendment approved in October 2020; currently on Site Plan

Link: Application Details – Development Applications Search (

Application: An 18-unit low-rise apartment building and a 116-unit mid-rise building are being proposed at 1131 Teron Rd. and 1151 Teron Rd., respectively. The owner, Manor Park Management, has recently submitted an updated proposal for the site. The two lots are bounded by March Rd., a major arterial, Teron Rd., a major collector, and oversees a nearby townhouse development. Importantly, the development borders Ottawa’s Hydro corridor.

A zoning by-law amendment was submitted and heard before Planning Committee on 8 October 2020, and approved by Council on 14 October 2020, under previous-Councillor Jenna Sudds. The rezoning permits the developer space with stepbacks on the proposed nine storey building “in order to normalize the previously approved floorplates of the upper portion of the building, allow a limited number of commercial uses on the ground floor, permit surface parking under a hydro corridor, reduce certain parking rates, modify provisions for a loading space and width of landscaped buffer, and permit projections relating to an underground parking garage.”

On 22 March 2022, the applicant submitted an updated version of the Site Plan, available here: Application Details – Development Applications Search (