Development Application at 351 Sandhill – Kanata Mosque

April 1, 2022


File lead: Lisa Stern

Owner: Kanata Muslim Association

Applicant: Sharif Senbel, Architect

Stage/History: Site Plan Control Application has been approved; currently at Site Plan

Link: Application Details – Development Applications Search (

Application: This proposed development is set to be built in two phases. First, there is planned to be a renovation of the existing single-detached dwelling on site into a worship area, alongside the development the parking in the rear. Phase two is planned for the development of a two-storey building at the front of the existing one, which will include a prayer hall, a multipurpose community centre, meeting rooms, a kitchen, and washrooms. The proposed prayer hall is oriented towards Mecca, the direction of Muslim prayer – 57º east of true north. The front wall of the prayer hall (qibla wall) fortuitously aligns very close to the alignment of Sandhill Drive.