Election Related Resource Policy Blackout Period Restrictions

August 24, 2022


A short note regarding the City’s Election Related Resource Policy (ERRP): The City’s ERRP and its Procedure prohibits Members of Council who are seeking re-election in a municipal election from using their office budgets to sponsor newsletters, advertisements, flyers, or householders during the 60-day period leading up to and including Voting Day, with very few exceptions. To comply with the ERRP, I will not be issuing a newsletter from August 25, 2022, up to and including October 24, 2022. Your Kanata North office will also not be able to post on the Kanata North social media accounts and the Kanata North website. However, I urge residents to continue to reach out to us throughout this period via email, phone or in person. Drop by as the office will remain open as we will continue to work on constituency matters and to provide help with any questions or concerns you may have. We just cannot send out broad communications to the community for the next two months.

Given how much is going on in Kanata North during that time, please do not hesitate to reach out for more information.

Councillor Cathy Curry