Safety Tips On How To Prevent Vehicle Theft

November 17, 2023


Our office received confirmation from Ottawa Police that over the past weekend, a total of 8 vehicles were stolen or attempted to be stolen in the Stittsville/Kanata area.

Ottawa Police shared details on how these (attempted) thefts were being committed – information that can be useful to help prevent further theft attempts:

Two Types of Thefts

  1. Mechanical breach of driver’s door, OBD (On-Board Diagnostic tool) reprogramming using Xtool or similar device, blank key fob/device is programmed and vehicle is stolen.
  2. Signal Amplification Relay Attack (SARA) – (RFID) – legitimate owner fobs (left by the front door) have the signal amplified to a blank fob, tricking the vehicle in unlocking and starting. For this kind of theft, you will likely have one suspect at the front door using an antenna loop and a second suspect at the driver’s door to pick up the amplified signal and connect to the vehicle.

For both of these types of theft there is a reprogramming timing delay. Look for:

  • Suspect safe vehicles (on street)
  • Look outs
  • Suspicious persons around front doors at home or the vehicle


  • Make your vehicle less vulnerable to theft by parking it in a locked garage and or by blocking it in tightly with a second vehicle. Exterior lighting and video surveillance around the driveway can also serve as a deterrent.
  • Consider installing an after-market electronic immobilizer device, which can interfere with the starting of the vehicle.
  • Consider protecting your vehicle with such devices as car alarms or steering wheel locking devices such as “The Club”.
  • GPS tracking devices/Air Tag, have become increasingly popular, however they now are using detectors to remove tracking devices.
  • Install an ECM port lock.
  • Keep in mind that thieves have to “hang around” or return to steal the reprogrammed fobbed vehicle, so remain vigilant, look for Safe vehicles, suspicious persons, look outs.
  • For SARA entry – Purchase Car Key Signal Blocker Pouch, Faraday Bag for Keyless Car RFID Blocking, Anti-Theft Remote Entry.

Report any suspicious activity immediately to police. Don’t engage with the subject(s). Call 911 if you feel a theft of a vehicle is in progress or call 613-236-1222 if suspicious circumstances are observed.