Varley Drive, Leacock Drive and Teron Road Sidewalks

April 11, 2024


The City of Ottawa is pleased to advise that the design of the Varley Drive and Leacock Drive proposed sidewalks is underway, refining the completed functional designs and preparing the project for construction. Additionally, a portion of new sidewalk along Teron Road has been added to the project to connect a future sidewalk link between Bethune Way and the development currently under construction southeast of the Teron Road & March Road intersection.

Detailed design is expected to be completed by May 2024, with construction of the project anticipated to commence in June 2024 and be finished by the end of 2024. Please note that in addition to the new sidewalks, there will be pathway upgrades to the Alice Wilson North Trail, as well as traffic calming measures implemented on Varley Drive and Leacock Drive (i.e., raised pedestrian crossovers, reduced roadway widths, etc.).

Another update with more accurate timelines will be posted on the project’s website soon.