Golf Course and Greenspace Update from Councillor Curry

April 20, 2022


Hello Kanata North,

In my last message two weeks ago, I let the community know that the Mayor of Ottawa had sent a letter of support for the protection of our greenspace. I also outlined the myriad and almost insurmountable conditions/hurdles/road blocks the developer will have to meet before any approvals to develop the land could take place. However, given the lack of integrity we have seen from a developer who signed the 40% agreement (and then decided they did not want to honour it) we may anticipate an ongoing disregard for agreements, City processes, and community greenspace from this developer. The Provincial Government has the authority, as it had when it came to Glen Abbey Golf Course, to stop things for good now. Without provincial involvement, the City will continue to have to participate in court proceedings, taking money and time away from other important City priorities. Tax dollars in legal costs alone are nearing $1 Million for the City of Ottawa. The community, through the work of the Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition, as you know, has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees as well. As a result, last week, I asked MPP Merilee Fullerton, for her help and support. See the letter I sent to MPP Fullerton.

In response to the letter I sent, the Chair of the Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition, Barbara Ramsay, wrote this message. In it, you will see the KGPC’s letter to MPP Fullerton and a request for the community to voice its concerns through an email-writing campaign. Use this template/example of an email and voice your concerns by sending an email of support, too.

I have been asked by the KGPC, and with the support of all of the Kanata North Community Associations, to put forward a motion reinforcing City Council support of the 40% and our Kanata greenspace. I will be doing that next. Until then, please consider sending an email to our provincial representatives voicing your support for our Kanata greenspace.


Councillor Cathy Curry